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Introducing Collaborate

Search for ALL homes in Toronto in real time using any device

Collaborate is an incredible new home search tool from the Toronto Real Estate Board that one can gain access to through an invite from Sage Real Estate. If you are one of those people who track the market closely and love spending hours clicking through and other real estate search portals, then the infinite possibilities that Collaborate provides may well blow your mind. Collab takes the process of searching for a home to the next level. It allows users to search in real time, across any device and to set your own searches so you can receive notifications the instant a listing gets loaded onto the MLS system. Very impressive advantages.

Collab. The home search portal you you always wished for.

In a hot market, like Toronto’s, where houses sometimes sell the very day they hit the market, speed and access is of the absolute essence. Those who are seriously searching need to know the moment a hot new listing hits the market otherwise it just might be gone. When an agent loads a listing onto MLS it can sometimes take 24 hours or longer before it becomes visible on With Collaborate users can set up Instant Notifications themselves so that they can be notified the moment a home that fulfills their programmed requirements hits the market. The next step would be to then get your Sage Real Estate agent to show it to you right away.

It is as simple as this: If you are searching for a home in Toronto and are not using Collaborate you could well miss out on your perfect house.

Collaborate will be the only home search tool you need because it gives home searchers access to all of the listings hitting MLS and it provides the ability for users to receive instant notifications in a user-friendly, intuitive interface that can be accessed from any device. Wow. Today’s clients want control and through Collab they get it. Users can manage their own searches and also set the notification frequency. So if you want to be notified the second a detached, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in Davisville hits the market, you will be.

Speed of notification is the ultimate selling feature of this system. Yes the system has a ton of other great features that we have outlined below but the real game changer and the reason we are getting all of our clients to use this system is because of the ability to set up these instant notifications. The minute, nay the second, an agent finishes loading a new listing onto the Toronto MLS system you can now know about it. You no longer have to wait until the middle of the night for that prospect match email to come in. Speed is the name of the game when searching for a home in Toronto. With Collab, your running shoes are on and you’re just waiting for the starter’s pistol to sound. Don’t let your dream home hit the market and be snapped up by someone else before you even know about it. Rest assured, you now won’t miss a thing.

To access and utilize Collab one needs to be invited to use the system. Sage Real Estate can extend that invitation to you.
Just make that request here.

Features That Matter

Real time access

The very instant that a listing is loaded onto the MLS system by a real estate agent users of Collaborate will have access to it.
Manage and save your own searches
With the old system your real estate agent had to set up your searches. Collab allows you to set up your own. Users can save or modify their searches, as required. And yes, plural. You can set up multiple searches so you can have your Plan B or help keep an eye out for a friend or family member.

Instant notifications

Users have the ability to manage the timing of their search notifications. They also have the ability to set up the frequency of the notifications. Notifications can be sent instantly, every hour, every 6 hours, every 12 hours or just once a day.


You can keep your home search organized. When you like or favourite a listing it gets added to your List Page. You can also create specific lists to help you stay even better organized. This is particularly helpful if you are searching with your significant other and want instant communication between one another. See, another advantage, Collab helps in spousal communication!

Users can Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Favourite and Comment on listings

They call it Collaborate for a reason. You are able to convey your opinions on listings by giving them a thumbs up or down, adding them to your favourites, or making a personalized comment. This information is then shared with your agent so it allows you to easily and clearly communicate your opinions on listings with your agent. The more your agent knows about what you like and dislike, the more they are able to guide you to your perfect home. It all gets well organized too. All the feedback and comments are put in one place so that should you need to reference it in the future you aren’t going through your texts and emails trying to find what you said about which house. Its all there, easily retrievable, in your Collab account.

Beautiful listing details page

The design of the listing details page is fantastic. Photos are large, additional information such as a map with the nearest transit stops, a mortgage calculator and a list of similar listings is provided. They have really upped their game on the listing page.

Responsive design

For the non-techies in the crowd, responsive design means that Collab works for any screen size. It doesn’t matter if you are on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Android or iPhone, you can just go to and log into your account and search for homes. So you no longer have to flip between multiple websites and apps. Everything is in just one place.

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Collab Screenshots

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Collaborate vs. vs. All other home search tools

Nothing compares. Despite the fact that and Collaborate are both industry provided, the tools don’t really compare. Neither does any other search site out there. Everything from the smooth interface, to the ability to access ALL listings on the MLS and the ability to get notified the minute a listing is loaded really sets Collab apart from any other system out there. It really is the only tool you need for your home search. Well, that and your Sage Estate Agent of course.

Simply put, Collab is the home search portal you wished for.

Collaborate is, however, a private club. Being invited by SAGE Real Estate to register will give you full access. If you would like to use Collaborate for your Toronto home search process, or would like to just try it out, SAGE Real Estate would be more than happy to send you an invitation to sign up. We may even invite your suggested friends to join in the fun too.

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